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Extreme Heat Exposure Guide

Given the nature of these hand crafted products, your Body Butters may not do well in extreme temperatures for long durations. Because of this, your butters may liquify in transit during warmer months. Maintaining the consistency of these butters can be a bit challenging, but please be rest assured that the quality and outcome after application of product will remain the same! We advise keeping an eye out for your shipment and retrieve your new products as soon as they are delivered. We know life can hit us with unexpected change in plans, but not to worry! If unable to obtain your package immediately after delivery and butter becomes liquified, please feel free to place into a refrigerator for a few minutes. Once it resolidifies, you’re more than welcome to leave body butters at or below room temperature. SmithSkin Studio is not responsible for melted items nor will refunds be offered for such. Please remember not to expose your products for prolonged periods of extreme heat. (E.g.) cars , or direct sunlight. Our team will do the very best to preserve your products as they are in transit to the selected delivery carrier.
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