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About Us

Meet the Founders: Taiwo & Kehinde Smith
As a beauty influencer, Kehinde has been sent a variety of skin care products ranging from local to major international brands.

Taiwo got to share the experience of samples and began cooking up calculation for precise measurements and ingredients right in her kitchen.

The sisters were also tired of buying products that simply didn’t do enough justice in fulfilling their aspirations for good skin products.

Upon years of research; comparing and testing each formula, the twin sisters were still left with the eagerness to launch a line of products that ticked all the boxes: easy-to-use, nourishing to the skin, clean ingredients, instantly satisfying, and aesthetically pleasing on display.

With the launch of SmithSkin, their hand crafted collection of products gives us what we are missing—natural skin care products to reinforce the beautiful elements of wellness, efficacy and simplicity! Committed to bringing you the best skin care solution for all ages and skin tones, SmithSkin gives you experiences that are nothing short of an exotic escape. Like a daily mini stay-cation for your skin. Enjoy!

Taiwo & Kehinde Smith

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